Circles of Support and Accountability (COSA Fresno) is a nonprofit organization committed to creating safe communities by supporting adults in reentry. Through mutual care, support, and accountability we foster a culture of well-being within the community.


COSA Fresno envisions a world, community, workplace and family where every person is valued and given the opportunity to take responsibility where harm is done, recognized and restored, making things as right as possible with all parties involved. As we seek peace and justice and the valuing of all persons, we will support an environment of prevention that makes our community safe.



To foster mutually beneficial connections that promote relationships of healing, trust, belonging, and well-being.


To enhance the well-being of others (core members, the inner circle of staff and volunteers, and the outer circle of law enforcement, the community of faiths, neighbors, treatment providers, and others) through mutual presence, caring, and service.


To encourage and develop responsibility for one’s own feelings, attitudes, words and actions through mutual relationships.


To fulfill our call to develop and sustain relationships that lead to restoration and healing in the community.


To develop cohesive relationships that demonstrate creativity, inclusion, and unity by embracing people of different perspectives and experiences.


Establish a culture of restoration, healing, and hope, which fosters well-being within the community.