Get Involved

“Creating safe communities together”


Volunteers are essential to the work of COSA, and the greatest need for volunteer support is on a circle of support and accountability.

Volunteer Requirements

  • Application, must be 18 years old
  • Orientation (2 hours) (Optional)
  • Training I (10 hours, Friday night and Saturday)
  • Interview, background check and fingerprinting
  • Circle Training II (7 hours, Saturday)
  • Agreement to participate in a COSA circle for one year
  • Join one of our Circles and make a meaningful difference in your community today!

INVEST in our Community

Financial investments and in-kind donations assist COSA in reintegration and creating safe communities. Make a one time gift or a monthly recurring donation. All donations are tax deductible.

Donate Now

For more information regarding in-kind donations contact Kim Gragston at


Those in re-entry often struggle to find suitable employment, housing and transportation. You can help rebuild safe communities by providing entry level employment opportunities, housing to rent to COSA, or donating a reliable automobile for transportation.

For more information or become a partner contact Kim Gragston at

"As core members come to see their offenses in the light of day they can work on becoming new people on a new journey.  It's been gratifying to see the core members that I have worked with giving back to the community in positive ways, and - most notable of all, none have reoffended."

CarolynVolunteer, 7 circles

"COSA is really about the relational piece; it gives a safe space where core members can be themselves and where we're here to support their growth and foster connection to others. It's like this little family that understands and accepts one another."

Brittany CunninghamVolunteer, 3 circles